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Physiologike Certificate for organic olive oil, Bio Olivenöl Zertifikat, ΠΙΣΤΟΠΟΙΗΤΙΚΟ ΒΙΟΛΟΓΙΚΟΥ ΛΑΔΙΟΥ Physiololike certificate for organic olive oil, bio Olivenöl zertifikat, ΠΙΣΤΟΠΟΙΗΤΙΚΟ ΒΙΟΛΟΓΙΚΟΥ ΛΑΔΙΟΥ
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 Homemade Fruit Candy in Syrup 
Walnut, Fig, Lemon. Orange...

Candy in Syrup is made with traditional receipt and local materials. The famous Walnut as well as the Fig candy in Syrup are the typical products for Thassos and maybe the best souvenir or present for friends. 
Almost every Fruit can be prepared as candy in Syrup. Important for the taste is not only the quality of the Fruit and the receipt but also the material. 
The Homemade candy in Syrup prepared with honey and sugar has an excellent aroma and a taste different from the cheap once prepared with Glucose syrup. Our candy in Syrup is prepared with Fruits selected by us from our island and used local honey. 
The following fruits are available als candy in syrup and are typical for Thassos:Walnut, Fig, Lemon, Orange, Grapes, Strawberry, Kiwi...

  [all about Thassos]

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