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Physiologike Certificate for organic olive oil, Bio Olivenöl Zertifikat, ΠΙΣΤΟΠΟΙΗΤΙΚΟ ΒΙΟΛΟΓΙΚΟΥ ΛΑΔΙΟΥ Physiololike certificate for organic olive oil, bio Olivenöl zertifikat, ΠΙΣΤΟΠΟΙΗΤΙΚΟ ΒΙΟΛΟΓΙΚΟΥ ΛΑΔΙΟΥ
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 Local Products 
Olive, Olive oil, Honey, Soap, Herbs

Thassos is and was well known for its Olive and Honey. You can find by us traditional oil and olives as well as local organic products.
From the famous Thassian forests. A honey rich is trace elements and vitamins. The tradition of apiculture in Thassos starts long time ago. Thassians have always been exporting honey. It is a traditional product of the island.  The best honey in Thassos comes from pine trees, by far the best honey in the world. Of exceptional quality is the honey which comes from flowers and thyme, thyme and herbs.
Greek Thassos olives can only be found growing on the Island of Thassos. Picked when fully ripened, they are cured with sea salt. Washed in fresh water, sun dried, dusted with wild herbs and finally coated with extra virgin olive oil, they maintain a luscious and exquisite flavour.
The virgin olive oil of Thassos is famous for its fine organic capabilities biological, qualities and its unique taste. The tradition of olive oil started before 3000 years ago and Thassian olive oil has been exported all over Mediterranean.
Today next to conventional olive cultivation there is also the organic olive cultivation.  

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The homemade soap made from olive oil, water, herbs and sodium. It does not dry the skin and to its virgin ingredients and herbs is recommended to wash hairs as well as the whole body.
The Herbs, such as Thyme, Chamomile, Rosemary, Sage and other local herbs grows at the mountain of Thassos are used since ages from the local people as tea or in liqueurs or in oil for healing purposes.

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